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After nearly a decade of work and negotiations, the vision behind an all-embracing international treaty system covering the financing of a wide range of mobile equipment took its first steps to becoming a  reality at the diplomatic conference in Cape Town, on Friday 16th November 2001. The Cape Town  Treaty texts were signed in Cape Town by many leading aviation countries. The International Registry is at the centre of the Cape Town Treaty system. In simple terms, if interests which are registrable under the legal texts are not registered with the International Registry when the  Cape Town Treaty applies, they will not have priority over those which are registered. In that sense,  registration is legally mandatory, if priority, a key feature of any financing, is to be ensured.
Aviareto, a joint venture between SITA SC and the Irish Government, has a contract with the  International Civil Aviation Authority (ICAO) to establish and operate the International Registry as  required by the Cape Town Treaty. The company draws on the joint strengths of SITA and the Irish  aviation sector. As part of the implementation process for the Cape Town Treaty, the Secretary General  of ICAO issued a global tender in January 2004 for an organisation to establish,and act as Registrar for,  the International Registry. Aviareto, based in Dublin, was selected for the undertaking. Aviareto is  performing these functions on a not for profit, cost recovery basis, as required by the Cape Town  Convention. Use this site to find information on the International Registry and the work we do. You can browse or  download our regular newsletters which are archived on-site, explore our annual customer survey  responses or learn more about the International Registry Board.