Aviareto is delighted to announce the release of The Closing Room, which went live on May 28th.

The Closing Room is a brand new way to make registrations on the International Registry. It allows a user to preposition registrations, and consent to them in advance of a scheduled closing. Using Closing Room, it is possible to change the order of prepositioned registrations, prior to releasing them into the database.

The concept of the Closing Room has been developed from ideas and suggestions received from the Aviation Finance industry, and with expert advice from the International Registry Advisory Board (the IRAB), and many others. It has been designed to fit with your business, and to make it easier for you to use the International Registry system.

Prior to using the Closing Room, we would like to encourage you to review the Closing Room Appendix to the Regulations (6th edition), which is available for download in the ‘Documentation’ section of the International Registry website.

Training Seminars

As part of the rollout for the Closing Room, Aviareto held training seminars in Dublin, Oklahoma City and Toronto. These seminars were well attended and were an excellent chance to get a first look at the new functionality. Pictures of the training are included below:

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