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The Closing Room

We are at the final stages of developing the Closing Room, which is the most significant single software feature for the International Registry. This feature is due to be released in Q2-2015.

The Closing Room has been designed to fit with the business requirements of customers, and will allow you to do the following, in advance of closing a deal:
• Preposition registrations in the order of priority;
• Invite and coordinate between Closing Room participants;
• Re-order prepositioned registrations if required;
• Add or amend AEP information prior to submission of Closing Room to the database.

Demonstration at NBAA 2015

The Closing Room will be presented during a session at the NBAA Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition in Florida, on March 2, 2015. We will demonstrate how the Closing Room will allow parties to preposition and agree on the types of registrations, the order of priority, and gather required consents before closing a transaction.

Please follow this link for further information on the conference:

Training Seminars

As part of the rollout for the Closing Room, Aviareto will also be holding training seminars in Dublin, Oklahoma City and Toronto in April 2015. This will be an excellent opportunity for users to enhance their knowledge of the system and also to get a first look at the new functionality.

In the past, we have received requests for training from users based in the Middle East, Asia and Pacific regions. We may provide a training seminar in Singapore or Dubai, if the numbers of confirmed attendees are significant.

If you are interested in attending please reply to indicating your preferred location.