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Aviareto, a joint venture between SITA and the Irish Government, has a contract with the International Civil Aviation Authority (ICAO) to establish and operate the International Registry as required by the Cape Town Treaty. The company draws on the joint strengths of SITA and the Irish aviation sector.

What we do

As part of the implementation process for the Cape Town Treaty, the Secretary General of ICAO issued a global tender in January 2004 for an organisation to establish, and act as Registrar for, the International Registry. Aviareto, based in Dublin, was selected for the undertaking. Aviareto is performing these functions on a not for profit, cost recovery basis, as required by the Cape Town Convention.

Aviareto is required to operate the International Registry pursuant to the Convention and Protocol in line with the Regulations and Procedures and using the best practices in current use in the field of electronic registry design and operation.


The International Registry

The International Registry of Mobile Assets defines the priority of interests on airframes, aircraft engines and helicopters. The International Registry permits individuals and organisations to register financial interest in assets using the MSN (manufacturer’s serial number). Its role is to electronically record international interests in aircraft objects, thereby establishing priority of interests.

The International Registry operates under the legal framework of the Cape Town Convention and the Aircraft Protocol adopted on the 16th of November 2001 at Cape Town.


Aviareto’s Mission

Our primary mission is to support the effectiveness of the Cape Town Convention and Aircraft Protocol by efficiently operating the International Registry in collaboration with the Industry.

Aviareto Business Objectives


Continuous renewal of International Registry contract


Supporting the effectiveness of the Cape Town Convention and Aircraft Protocol


Continuous investment in the IR platform and processes on a not for profit basis over the term we operate the International Registry


To explore appropriate and adjacent electronic registry opportunities, focusing on aviation and collateral registries

Aviareto Strategy

The objectives will be achieved through the following strategy


Exemplary governance, ethical and legal standards


Customer responsiveness


Quality processes and systems


System security and integrity


Building critical industry expertise and knowledge while Innovating


Maintaining strong relationships with the Industry

Meet the Team

Our team consists of Registry Officials, Product Managers, Operations Manager and Directors.

Career Opportunities

At Aviareto, we offer positions of high responsibility in a complex and interesting field.

ISO Policy Statements

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